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What Makes Roses The Most Versatile Gift?

While roses’ worldwide fame is one of the many reasons behind their high price, there’s an important detail that changes everything: these flowers make the best present. Be it Valentine’s Day or a friends’ gathering, overwhelming variety allows for selecting a rose bouquet that ideally fits your circumstances.

The most popular reason behind rose bouquet delivery is to express love or passion. However, not all kinds of roses bear such meaning: bouquets of red roses are the most suitable for showing deep affection. Although bouquets of white roses also signify love, they are associated with the purest, most innocent form of romantic feelings; for this reason, they are an excellent choice for weddings. 

Other varieties tend to symbolise deep connection but not love — such as bouquets of yellow roses, which represent friendship bonds and joy. Lilac roses celebrate life and prosperity, and peach ones stand for sincere feelings. Diverse symbolism is exactly what makes these flowers the most versatile present, allowing you to select a suitable bouquet for any and every occasion. Take a look at Flowwow’s big bouquets of roses, choose your perfect arrangement, and we’ll make sure to flower delivery London it to the recipient in pristine condition.