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Which Flowers Don’t Mix Well with Tulips?

Lovely and cheerful, tulips are a well-recognised symbol of spring, new beginnings, and life itself. While sending a delicate bouquet of these flowers creates a wonderful surprise, choosing the right arrangement is an essential step in ensuring the gift’s longevity. Hastily combined with certain flowers, tulips can quickly wither; take a look at three examples of what should never be included in tulip bouquets.

Narcissus. Despite being the most common companion for tulips in London, this variety is actually the first one to avoid: unfortunately, narcissus plants emit certain chemicals that speed up the wilting process in other flowers.

Daffodils. Another common spring staple, these flowers can also negatively affect tulips, causing quick withering and drooping buds.

Amaryllis. Similar to daffodils, this representative of the narcissus family is often a toxic presence for other flowers because of its sap. To ensure your tulips have a long life, steer clear of amaryllis.

Last but not least, consider this piece of advice: the best option to buy tulip flowers in London is to order an arrangement online. Working against their reputation of easily damaged flowers, tulip flower delivery London helps preserve these gentle bouquets. Flowwow offers a wide range of stunning arrangements – take a look today!