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Potted or Cut: Which Flowers Make the Best Present?

The dilemma of a perfect plant present has been circulating for the longest time: with countless pros for charming potted indoor plants and their freshly-cut counterparts, both of these options seem suitable for most occasions. However, don’t fret about making the correct decision and take a look at our helpful tips instead.

Consider the person’s general attitude towards plants. If your recipient is a never-at-home type of person with a lot on their plate, potted plants might be an ill-suited gift. Instead, opt for garden-fresh bouquets, flowers in a hat box, or arrangements of a similar kind. People who enjoy their stay-at-home routine will, on the contrary, appreciate receiving large indoor plants as they are always good for sprucing up the interior.

Another alternative includes hanging plants – indoor or outdoor, they don’t take up much space and can liven up any bland surroundings. To shop for indoor plants in the UK, head over to Flowwow, a one-of-a-kind online marketplace with quick and secure delivery.