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Chrysanthemum Bouquets in London

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4 Chrysanthemum Colours You Must Know

Resplendent and full of volume, chrysanthemums have won the hearts of millions all over the world. These flowers are also called ‘mums,’ short and simple; however, their meaning spectrum is much more sophisticated than it might seem. Let’s discover the symbolism behind the most sought-after chrysanthemum bouquets in London, UK.

White. The brightest and most innocent of shades, it signifies loyalty and virtue: white mums are commonly sent to express devoted love, rebirth, and happiness.

Yellow. This hue is a synonym for joyfulness, celebration, and commitment, which makes any golden-coloured bouquet of chrysanthemums the herald of goodwill.

Orange. As the most vibrant and energetic shade, orange represents feelings of excitement and vigour. Having received such an arrangement, consider that the giver is infatuated with your positive attitude.

Red. Undoubtedly, you already know which words best describe the red hues: love, affection, and sincere adoration are the ultimate concepts behind crimson-coloured mums.

As these flowers are quite fragile and delicate, it’s no wonder that chrysanthemum bouquet delivery is an unmatched option for surprising your loved ones with a fresh and crisp bouquet. By buying any arrangement on Flowwow, you ensure safe delivery while the online payment makes your purchase quick and uncomplicated.