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Red Roses in London

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Red Rose Arrangements for Love-Struck Couples

The number of red roses in a bouquet signifies a wide range of meanings, from plain old love to the utmost devotion. To be understood correctly, check the symbolism carried by each quantity of these stunning flowers.

The simplest way to gift red roses is to send your beloved a single flower, which suggests that you give them your heart. To hint at deep, passionate feelings, offer three stems. If you wish to stay bound to your partner no matter what, four red roses is an unrivalled choice. At the same time, we'd recommend skipping number five, as a bouquet of red roses with five stems demonstrates close friendly bonds. Finally, to state that you’ll stay by your significant other's side forever, gift six red roses.

If you are feeling inspired to show heartfelt affection for your loved ones, choose Flowwow to order red roses with delivery in London. The online marketplace makes buying meaningful floral compositions a piece of cake, and same-day and next-day delivery make it ideal for surprising your partner on short notice.