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Dried flowers in London

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How Are Dried Flowers Prepared?

Contrary to our desire of prolonging the bouquet’s life, fresh flowers swiftly wither: that’s the nature of things. Still, people have managed to find a solution — dried flower arrangements. Let’s take a look at the preparation process behind this handy idea.

Dried flower bouquets are an ideal replacement for traditional fresh flowers and plants – unlike the latter, they are bound to look appealing for almost a year. Compositions are created by drying the flowers in a natural way, such as hanging them upside down in a well-ventilated room. Once the moisture has evaporated, the now brittle buds and stems are coloured to ensure a vibrant appearance. It’s also possible to set the bouquets with the use of special materials like silica.

The simple preparation process leaves bunches of dried flowers in an extremely fragile state, sensitive to their environment. Ensure the bouquet’s longevity by protecting it from water and sunlight; it’s a good idea to maintain a low humidity level. 

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