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Peonies in London

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Peonies: Choosing a Bouquet for Your Significant Other

Roses are iconic flowers that symbolise love, but there are plenty of popular alternatives that serve as a unique gift: to reveal the feelings of deep passion, present a vibrant peony bouquet that is bound to surprise your loved one. Not many people realise that peonies’ hues have a wide variety of meanings – let’s take a closer look at colours you could choose for the important people in your life.

We must absolutely mention pink peony flowers, which stand for romance, luck, and prosperity. Red peonies are the epitome of deep love and affection, which makes them a spot-on gift for Valentine’s Day: given their romantic undertone, pink and red peonies are often used as wedding flowers, too. Yellow peonies celebrate new beginnings and open-mindedness and could serve as a beautiful birthday present to wish someone happy discoveries in life. Presenting white peonies is a sweet and considerate way of apologising to a close friend or partner.

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