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Yellow Roses in London

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A Yellow Rose: The Sunniest Asian Variety

There's nothing better than a yellow rose for bringing a dash of wellness and positivity into someone's life. Never has there been a more sun-like and energy-spreading flower, ideal for both cold winter nights and hot summer days. Let's take a look at the history of this sort and its meanings.

The region spanning Afghanistan and Southeast Asia is the homeland of the yellow rose. First discovered in the 18th century, these flowers have been a popular choice for countless happy occasions for more than 300 years. Traditionally, yellow roses are associated with peaceful, cheerful thoughts and strong friendship bonds. So, choose arrangements of this sort for your best mates or people who are always on top of the world. Another possible alternative is related to apologising: whenever there's a need to express your deepest sorrows, send a bouquet of yellow roses.

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