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Top Three Cupcakes to Buy in London

Chocolate, wholewheat, raisin, blueberry – the imagination gets to run wild when it comes to world-famous cupcakes. When in doubt, these incredible petite desserts make a precious and thoughtful gift for countless occasions. However, given the impressive variety, it might seem almost impossible to choose the right kind. So, let's discover the top three best cupcakes in London.

Chocolate cupcakes hold the absolute top spot among all other frequently bought varieties. This is not surprising: delectable cocoa flavour and sugary sweetness are an ideal combination for any dessert.

A rightful runner-up is a vanilla cupcake. Both sweet and floral-like, this dessert is an iconic option and a popular alternative to send to people with a classic taste.

Bronze is owned by a blueberry cupcake, which is currently trending worldwide. Besides adding a delicious note of slight sourness, it has a fruity aftertaste that is impossible to resist.

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