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Blue Roses in London

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The Rarest Among All: Blue Roses

The myriads of rose varieties can never cease to amaze. From delicate pink-coloured specimens to vividly red ones - nothing looks more mysterious and magical than the famed blue rose. Despite their artificial nature, these flowers are extremely sought-after for their mesmerising appearance and an extensive array of paramount meanings.

Bouquets of blue roses are always tailor-made by professional florists, who create them by submerging red or yellow flowers in dyed water. The procedure makes this sort the most uncommon among all others, as it can’t be grown naturally. Nevertheless, blue roses are often bought to express commitment and trust in another person.

Given these flowers’ rarity, not all flower shops can offer such magnificent bouquets. Flowwow is a unique online marketplace that provides an assortment of blue roses with delivery in London, with possible colour choices ranging from vivid azure to deep navy blue. Send your significant other an arrangement of these flowers with our same-day or next-day delivery service to illustrate the importance of your relationship.