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11 Things to Do on Valentine's Day That Are Fun and Romantic

01 February 145
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Valentines day

With the approach of Valentine's Day, there arises not only the excitement for a romantic celebration but also a whirlwind of preparations and a multitude of inquiries: 'What is the best thing to do on Valentine’s Day?' 'How can I surprise my girlfriend on this romantic holiday?' 'What to do for my man on Valentine’s Day?' and many more. If you find yourself pondering these questions, our article is poised as your primary resource for the best ideas on what to do on Valentine’s Day and how to make it a happy one.

When is Valentine's Day in 2024?

For those wondering, 'What date is Valentine’s Day?' – we have the answer: it is celebrated annually on February 14. And what day is Valentine's Day in 2024? Well, this year, it falls on Wednesday.

Regarding Valentine's Day meaning, initially, it commemorated a Christian martyr named Valentine. In the Middle Ages, the influence of courtly ideals led to the association of this feast with romantic love. During the 18th century, English couples adopted the endearing tradition of exchanging lovely presents on Feb. 14 to convey tenderness and fond feelings. In the present day, this enduring tradition persists, offering an additional chance to exchange warmth, flowers, and delightful gifts with our loved ones.

Have breakfast in bed

Valentines day ideas

A delightful way to commence this wonderful day is with breakfast in bed. Make the morning meal truly special by adorning both the dishes and the room with charming Valentine's symbols, the most iconic of which is the heart. Consider frying an egg in a heart-shaped mould or baking heart-shaped pancakes and adding a touch of festivity to the room with balloons and other cute decorations.

Spend the day at an amusement park

Things to do on valentines day

One of many fascinating date ideas on what to do on Valentine's Day is to revel in the excitement at the amusement park. Amidst the colourful rides and cheerful laughter, you and your Valentine can create precious memories against the lively backdrop of the park. Share exciting moments on roller coasters, enjoy sweet treats like cotton candy, and soak in the festive atmosphere.

Have a do-nothing day

Rather than elaborating on plans and participating in bustling activities, relish the placidity of a day without schedules or obligations. There are plenty of fun things to do at home on Valentine’s Day! Get comfortable with an engaging book, savour a relaxed brunch, participate in a virtual dance or painting class as a duo, or just enjoy the soothing warmth of each other's presence. Weather permitting, indulge in an evening of stargazing in the backyard, letting the serene beauty of the starry sky enhance the magic of your shared moments.

Do something crazy

Valentines day activities

If you’d like to escape the usual routine of typical Valentine's Day activities, opt for an adrenaline-packed adventure with your sweetheart. Infuse a sense of excitement and daring into your time together by exploring the thrill of skydiving, ziplining, rock climbing, or other exhilarating pursuits, ensuring an unforgettable experience that promises to elevate your connection to new heights.

Bake a cake together

This Valentine's Day, create sweet memories by baking a cake together. Explore new ideas and recipes as you make your personalised delicious treat side by side. Bond over the joy of measuring ingredients, mixing batters, and watching the cake rise in the oven. But don't take it too seriously — if the cake doesn't turn out, it's okay! You can always have a backup plan by ordering ready-made cakes, desserts, and much more.

Have a joint photoshoot

What to do on valentines day

Among other cute things to do on Valentine's Day, consider commemorating your love through a shared photo session. Whether you choose a lighthearted photo booth session, capturing spontaneous and candid moments, or decide on a more polished experience by hiring a personal photographer, the outcome will be a compilation of timeless and cherished memories.

Have a shopping day

Things to do for valentines day in london

Another option for what to do on Valentine's Day is to elevate your celebration with a laid-back and amusing shopping day. Skip the traditional date and explore shops together. Turn the process of selecting Valentine's Day presents into a shared adventure, making it a delightful journey for both. After a day full of impressions, it is very pleasant to cap off the experience by sharing a scrumptious meal in a cosy cafe, relishing the day's shopping spoils and sharing conversations.

Play a board game

Happy valentines day

Among other heartwarming Valentine's Day ideas is to play a board game, which can offer a lighthearted and enjoyable way for couples to bond, share laughter, and build joyful memories, adding an entertaining and lively dimension to your celebration. You can play it either alone with your partner or invite friends to join you — whichever suits your preference. Whether it's an all-time classic or a recent find, engaging in a game provides the simple pleasure of enjoyable company and amicable competition.

Spend an evening with friends over coffee

Valentines day dinner

For those tired of the pressure of romantic expectations, gathering with friends to enjoy coffee on Valentine's Day is a delightful and liberating alternative to more conventional celebrations centred around traditional notions of romance. Sharing stories and smiles over a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate reinforces the understanding that meaningful connections come in various forms, rendering the day a happy celebration of genuine bonds.

Organise a movie night with your favourite films

Here’s one more delightful way to mark Valentine's Day with those you hold dear or relish a snug and homely solo evening. Whether you're in the mood for a timeless love story, a feel-good comedy, or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, the right movie can set the perfect atmosphere for an indelible celebration. Lower the lights, grab your preferred snacks, snuggle up with a cosy throw, and let the magic of cinema carry you away into a world of compelling storytelling, emotions, and joy.

Arrange a romantic dinner for two

Sharing an enchanting dinner alone together is an integral part of the traditional list of the most romantic things to do for Valentine’s Day. The exceptional evening, marked by a carefully crafted ambience, a thoughtfully curated menu, and presents embodying the meaning behind the relationship, culminates in a joyous celebration of the bond, filling hearts with warmth and happiness. Indeed, orchestrating a splendid Valentine's Day dinner is a wonderful expression of deep care and fondness.

Where to find a perfect gift in London

There are so many enchanting things to do for Valentine's Day in London, from romantic strolls through picturesque parks to savouring a delectable meal in charming cafes. Cherish the time spent with your Valentine, while we take care of the gifts and the delivery. Explore London's diverse shops with Flowwow, a marketplace featuring a carefully curated assortment of Valentine's Day flowers, confectionery, bakery, exquisite decor, and much more. Select, purchase, and send all the necessary components to orchestrate a delightful surprise for your dear ones, and be assured that they will be delivered promptly and in impeccable condition.


What to do for Valentine's Day?

Infuse joy into Valentine's Day through considerate gestures, forging enduring memories together. Whether it's a heartfelt gift or simply spending quality time, the small things have the power to transform this day into a symphony of cherished moments.

How can I make Valentine's Day special?

Among various Valentine's Day ideas, consider doing something out of the ordinary. Customise the unusual activity to align with the tastes of your special someone, adding an element of surprise and excitement to your happy celebration.

What are the good things about Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day marks a yearly opportunity to rejoice in love and strengthen connections, encouraging us to openly express fondness and cherish the unique bonds we have with those we hold dear. This enchanting holiday fosters intimacy and underscores the significance of articulating affection, transforming it into a day not solely dedicated to celebrating amorous partnerships but also to revel in the diverse manifestations of love that grace our lives.

Which gift is best for Valentine's Day?

The best and most cherished gifts are those that carry personal meaning, a reflection of the unique connection you share. Be it a carefully selected piece of jewellery, an exquisite bouquet of flowers, or a spontaneous date to a favourite spot, the crucial aspect is to convey your tenderness and devotion in a manner that deeply moves the heart of the recipient, leaving a lasting and significant impression.

What is the most popular Valentine's Day gift?

The timeless classics cherished for their love-inspired symbolism often encompass elegant red roses, adorable teddy bears, delectable chocolates (especially heart-shaped ones), and sophisticated jewellery.

What do boyfriends get for Valentine's Day?

For shared moments and enduring memories, consider presenting experience gifts (like concert tickets or a couples' spa day) or personalised items (such as uniquely crafted pieces or engraved accessories). Another good idea is opting for something tied to your boyfriend's hobbies, demonstrating your appreciation of his interests.

What can I do with my girlfriend on Valentine's Day?

If you're seeking ideas for things to do for Valentine's Day to make your girlfriend happy, think about planning a day abundant in mindful and romantically inclined activities such as organising a charming dinner, taking a stroll in a scenic location, or surprising her with a significant token of your affection.

How can I be romantic on Valentine's Day?

Create a festive and romantic atmosphere in your surroundings by adorning your space with balloons, flowers, candles, and garlands. Elevate the sentiment of your special occasion by crafting a sincere letter capturing your deepest emotions or putting together a unique scrapbook brimming with treasured memories. Customise the day to cater to your Valentine's preferences, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience that transforms every moment into a beautiful chapter in your mutual love story. Happy Valentine's Day!
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