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The Best Flowers for Mother's Day

28 February 314
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Flowers for Mothers Day

On Mother’s Day, there’s nothing better than a charming bouquet to uplift your mom’s spirits and deliver your best wishes right to her doorstep. Whether opting for a modest floral display or elaborate Mother’s Day flowers, a myriad of opportunities are available for this celebration, helping showcase positive feelings in a surprising way. In this article, we've gathered a collection of the 13 best types of flowers for Mother's Day, bound to take her breath away!

Which countries celebrate Mother's Day in March?

First of all, when is Mother’s Day? During March, numerous nations worldwide honour this celebration, and each has distinct customs and specified dates. For example, in Ireland and Nigeria, it’s the fourth Sunday of the month of Lent, which is a 40-day period that typically occurs around Easter, according to Christian tradition. In Afghanistan and Albania, this holiday coincides with the International Women's Day on March 8th. In Armenia and Georgia, March 3rd was designated to commemorate maternal figures and their wonderful qualities.

The UK follows the same tradition as Ireland and Nigeria, meaning that every year this event falls on a different date. So, for beautiful flowers for Mother's Day to be delivered on time, check the date early.

Popular Mother’s Day Flowers and What They Represent


Roses for Mothers Day

Roses are an amazing answer when looking to demonstrate fond appreciation. They have various connotations, that can be quite contrasting; for this occasion, consider opting for a pink variety, which exemplifies enduring gratitude and respect.


Tulips for Mothers Day

Tulips are a marvellous selection of cheap Mother's Day flowers. Vibrant colours and fragile petals are all about adoration, which is bound to inspire your parent on this memorable occasion. Additionally, these small flowers for Mother’s Day have been a long-standing tradition in many European countries.


Carnations for Mothers Day

Carnations will help your gift stand out among other blooms, as these flowers are amazingly suited to convey fondness and heartfelt admiration. Choose pink carnations to embody profound loyalty and tenderness, theever-lasting qualities of maternal care.


Lilies for Mothers Day

Lilies are a superb option to denote a mom’s incomparable grace and enchanting beauty. As a flower that represents motherhood and renewal, they add an extra layer of symbolism, and they will become a truly distinctive and heartwarming surprise.


Orchids for Mothers Day

Orchids boast a more refined and royal feel, an idea that is certainly more distinctive than your typical rose arrangement. Capturing the ideas of refinement and mature charm, these flowers are a top choice for strong, powerful moms.


Peonies for Mothers Day

Peonies have recently gained great popularity for this holiday, a token of their charm and captivating aroma. Symbolically, these flowers are a representation of hope, prosperity, and heartfelt wishes.


Hydrangeas for Mothers Day

Hydrangeas are considered to be some of the best flowers for Mother's Day, valued for their astonishing, airy appearance and profound significance. These lovely blossoms showcase one’s sincere feelings and the close relationship shared by mothers and children.


Alstroemeria for Mothers Day

Alstroemeria, also called a Peruvian lily, will serve as a thoughtful gift on this day. With its array of vibrant colours, this flower represents joy, fondness, and prosperity. These positive meanings will help you demonstrate how much you value her life-long guidance and parenting.


Freesia for Mothers Day

Freesias speak of trust, innocence, and companionship, reflecting moms’ enduring care and unwavering support. In a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day, freesias are a genuine display of devotion and adoration.


Sunflowers for Mothers Day

Sunflowers are a fantastic idea for a Mother’s Day bouquet! These radiant and merry blooms boast affection, faithfulness, and endurance — traits abundant in mothers.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies for Mothers Day

Gerbera Daisies are widely favoured as a popular gift choice, as all of these types of flowers represent royalty, vitality, and allure. It’s a meaningful present for active, energetic moms, who always stay on the positive side.


Daffodils for Mothers Day

For a truly unique celebration, consider gifting stunning daffodils. Their vivid yellow colour represents cheerfulness and the spirit of a new start, which could help bring good wishes to her upcoming year.


Lavender for Mothers Day

For ages, lavender has been linked with dedication and serenity, making it an ideal emblem of one’s nurturing and affectionate nature. In combination with its lovely smell, it could become a charming gift for any parent.


What are the most popular Mother's Day flowers?

The top answers are roses, a classic option, or tulips, a more versatile alternative. Both flowers denote eternal love and devotion.

Which flower represents Mother's Day?

There are two options: white and pink carnations. The white variety is designated for mothers, who are no longer with us, while the pink one denotes appreciation for maternal support and care.

What is the official flower for Mother's Day?

A traditional choice would certainly include carnations. In the early 1900s, Anna Jarvis, the original creator of this holiday, picked white carnations as its emblem. Since then, presenting carnations has become a beloved tradition that commemorates mothers and helps their children express positive feelings.

Why do we give flowers on Mother’s Day?

A simple answer is to showcase our profound gratitude to our mothers, who have spent so much time and effort making us who we are today. Flowers are universally recognized as tokens of affection, helping us demonstrate just how much we value our moms’ care and devotion.

What is a Mother's Day special flower?

Carnations are the flowers traditional for Mother's Day.

What is the most common flower for Mother's Day?

Carnations and roses are the top gift choices for this occasion for their meaningful symbolism.

Where to buy flowers for Mother's Day?

When you need crispy-fresh flowers to be delivered on this holiday, consider Flowwow. Our online platform offers charming arrangements to help you express your feelings easily and quickly. Whether your parent prefers roses, lilies, or tulips, you can order an ideal bouquet with a convenient delivery right to their doorstep.
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