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Beautiful Flower Names For Girls and Boys

05 June 45
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Inspired by the beauty and elegance of nature's creations, flower baby names are timeless favourites for parents seeking charming and meaningful options for their kids. In this article, we've gathered a selection of enchanting names evoked by gorgeous flowers and graceful plants, ensuring there's the perfect choice for every family. Looking for girls' flower names that start with 'C' or a floral name suitable for a boy? Dive in and discover the ideal bloom for your babies!

Girls' flower names

Girl's flower names

The enduring allure of floral names for girls renders them a popular choice among parents in search of a name that exudes both beauty and significance for their daughters. As flowers are universally admired for their grace and loveliness, naming a girl after a bloom imbues her with the same elegance and charm. Furthermore, as every bloom possesses its symbolic significance, opting for a floral name enables parents to impart these positive traits to their babies.

Popular flower names

Popular flower names

Beautiful flower names for baby girls that are especially widely recognised and cherished open our selection. Their widespread usage reflects their imperishable appeal and ability to evoke heartwarming emotions and memories across diverse audiences.


The rose, adored globally, occupies a unique position in various cultures. Likely the most beloved flower of all time, it represents love and beauty in many traditions. Furthermore, this exquisite bloom is frequently connected to themes of passion, spirituality, achievement, and perfection. It's no wonder that the name inspired by this magnificent flower enjoys widespread popularity.


Another popular floral name is inspired by the lily, an exquisite, fragrant bloom, carrying symbolism deeply intertwined with notions of purity and renewal. Featured prominently in the Bible, it holds a special place in Christianity, being strongly tied to Jesus Christ's resurrection and commonly used in Easter decorations. With another flower’s meanings encompassing love, fertility, and femininity, this name embodies timeless elegance, making it a perfect choice for a baby girl.


This exquisite blossom, known for its sweet aroma and charming appearance, holds a timeless significance as a symbol of affection and romance in numerous cultures worldwide. Moreover, it also embodies the essence of femininity, fertility, grace, virtue, good fortune, and profound connection to the divine (as reflected in its name originating from the Persian word meaning 'God’s gift').


This lovely name, inspired by the vibrant flower, encapsulates the essence of warmth and cheerfulness, evoking imagery of sunlit fields and carefree days. Representing robust health and strength in ancient Greece and serving as a symbol of life and fertility among the Assyrians, this delicate flower also holds connotations of wealth, peace and remembrance. It’s a charming and timeless name for a girl, especially well-suited for one arriving in August.


This name exudes the same radiant energy and liveliness as the flower it's inspired by. Reflecting themes of joy, optimism, and upbeat vibes, along with femininity and desire, this bloom's symbolism is also intertwined with notions of majesty and nobility. What a wonderful name, elegantly blending the spirit of joyous optimism with the allure of regal charm!

Unique flower names for girls

Unique flower names for girls

If you're drawn to originality rather than classics and conventional choices, explore the following girls' flower names offering uniqueness and memorability. Each one embodies floral elegance alongside profound meaning, nurturing your child's distinct identity and self-awareness.


This exceptionally uncommon name, stemming from the Greek words 'chrysos', meaning 'gold', and 'anthemon', signifying 'flower', evokes images of a majestic bloom revered across diverse cultures over centuries. This plant, greatly admired in China and revered as a national emblem in Japan (where it also represents the radiant sun), embodies longevity, faithfulness, happiness, and hope. It's a splendid choice for a charming baby girl, particularly fitting for a November birth.


Originating from the Old English expression 'daes eage,' which eventually evolved into 'day's eye,' this name is associated with an enchanting bloom, celebrated for its simple yet captivating appearance. In ancient Rome, the daisy served as Venus's emblem, embodying the epitome of pristine purity. Other meanings of the flower include the bliss of new life, optimism, and the promise of new beginnings. Indeed, it’s a wonderful name for a girl, especially one born in April.


This sophisticated name, evoking images of the exquisite flower with delicate petals unfurling in vibrant colours, carries a sense of mystery and allure, much like the bloom itself. The dahlia carries deep cultural significance across nations, epitomising themes of everlasting affection, inner fortitude, grace, and compassion. A great choice for those seeking a name with depth and character!


It's no surprise the Greek name of this flower aptly translates to 'beauty,' encapsulating its essence perfectly. Initially associated with fertility in Egyptian culture, the calla lily's symbolism has evolved to embrace meanings such as chastity, marital happiness, and sincere devotion. With ties to the Virgin Mary, the bloom also symbolises holiness, faith, and purity.


Another unusual name is associated with a stunning bloom, capturing the essence of spring's rejuvenation, unconditional love, joy, and hope. Cherished for its distinctiveness and magnetic charm, it celebrates nature's artistry with flair.

Pretty flower names for girls

Pretty flower names for girls

For those seeking floral names imbued with inherent aesthetic charm, we've crafted some lovely ideas. The gentle sounds and picturesque imagery evoked by these names conjure serene, blooming landscapes, and lush gardens brimming with splendour.


This delightful name draws inspiration from the alyssum flower, which held great significance in ancient Greek lore as a symbol of ingenuity and inspiration; linked with Venus, it embodied concepts of affection, femininity, and fertility. Additionally, the plant's resilience in diverse settings endows it with a symbolic meaning of persistence and optimism. With its melodious sound and rich symbolism, Alyssa is a magnificent name for a girl.


The camellia, one of the most romantic flowers, has inspired yet another beautiful female name. Deeply linked with themes of eternal love, unwavering devotion, adoration, and care, this bloom is available in various shades, each one representing a distinct facet of affection. It's truly a poetic name, capturing the enduring love parents have for each other and their baby!


This name's recent rise in favour mirrors its timeless allure, drawn from the verdant landscapes and enchanting Irish folklore. Its association with luck and nature resonates deeply with many, making it a choice imbued with both rich tradition and irresistible contemporary appeal.


A symbol of fresh starts and the triumph of life over darkness, this bloom emerges as winter fades, proclaiming the loosening of the frosty grip and ushering in the promise of brighter days ahead. It offers a beautiful name, particularly suited for kids born in March or throughout the spring season.


Exuding a sweet fragrance and mesmerising beauty, this delicate flower epitomises the notions of trust, mindfulness, friendship, purity, and youthful joy. The name, inspired by its charm, reflects the bloom's enchanting elegance and timeless appeal.


In cultures spanning the globe, this flower carries profound positive symbolism. In China, it signifies abundance, wealth, and flourishing romance, while in Japan, it represents affluence and honour. Bestowing this sophisticated name upon a girl shapes her path with prosperity, prestige, and a fulfilling romantic life.

Rare flower names for a girl

Having already showcased a delightful selection of floral names, there remains a bouquet of options to explore. Nature's vast repertoire offers countless more flower-inspired names, each as enchanting as the blooms they emulate. Here, we present a few additional wonderful names, drawn from nature's splendid creations:

  1. Amaranth
  2. Amaryllis
  3. Blossom
  4. Bryony
  5. Cassia
  6. Fleur
  7. Hyacinth
  8. Lavender
  9. Lotus
  10. Magnolia
  11. Marigold
  12. Myrtle
  13. Orchid
  14. Petal
  15. Posy
  16. Primrose
  17. Sage
  18. Zinnia.

Flower names for boys

Flower names for boys

Of course, nature-inspired names aren't limited to girls; there are plenty of floral names for boys too. Additionally, several male names, while not explicitly drawn from nature, still carry subtle hints of flowers or plants, enriching your child's identity with depth and symbolism.


Aster can make a unique and meaningful name for a boy; it’s uncommon and stands out while being simple and easy to pronounce. Derived from the Greek word for 'star,' it carries a sense of both celestial and floral wonder and beauty. The symbolism of the flower enriches the name with meanings of faith, patience, and wisdom.


Inspired by David Austin, the celebrated English rose breeder, this name suggests creativity and vision. Austin roses are imbued with profound symbolism akin to other flowers of their kind, representing romance, royalty, elegance, and sensuality.


Here's another name, drawn from the timeless allure of the rose — this one inspired by the Lady Emma Hamilton flower variety bred by David Austin. This cultivar is recognised for its citrusy scent and the stunning tangerine hue of its globular, opulent blooms.


This name boasts a dual association with the floral world. It evokes the grace of Petite de Hollande roses, known for their small, lovely blooms in a charming pink shade. Furthermore, it conjures imagery of a region in the Netherlands renowned as the foremost hub for flower bulb cultivation worldwide.


This exquisite name carries a fascinating floral association, drawing inspiration from the rich, deep blue shade with hints of purple found in the dye derived from the Indigofera plant species. The hue carries symbolic connotations of creativity, devotion, and wisdom, while the plant is thought to provide a safeguard against misfortune.


Yes, this name also carries a floral connotation! Sweet William, scientifically known as Dianthus barbatus, is a cherished garden plant boasting clusters of pink, red, or white blooms and a delightful spicy aroma, representing finesse, courage, and dexterity.


What is a unique flower name?

For those who adore the elegance of blooms and hold uniqueness in high regard, names such as Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Calla, and Tulip offer an exquisite selection.

What are the 10 flower names?

The sheer variety of flower-inspired names is truly remarkable: from the classics like Rose, Lily, Violet, or Iris to more unique choices such as Chrysanthemum, Calla, or Tulip, and even rarer picks like Amaryllis, Cassia, or Magnolia.

What is a flowery girl's name?

It's one of those girls' names that mean a certain flower or draw inspiration from it.

What is a pretty floral name?

Finding a flower name devoid of charm is quite the task, as almost all of them are beautiful. For example, options like Alyssa, Camellia, Clover, Daffodil, Freesia, or Peony all possess an undeniable allure.

What is the rarest girls' flower name?

Some less common selections feature Lotus, Myrtle, and Petal.

What is a cute flower name for a girl?

Azalea, Clover, Daphne, Delphine, Freesia, Lily, Peony, and Poppy are all gorgeous names, each carrying its distinct charm.

What is a plant name for a girl?

Ivy, Willow, Hazel, and Fern are all lovely options.

What is a quirky flower name?

Primrose, Zinnia, and Hyacinth are some unconventional choices to consider.

What are boy flower names?

Names for boys that evoke connections to the floral world include captivating options like Aster, Austin, Hamilton, Holland, Indigo, and William.

What flower is suitable for a boy?

While any flower can be suitable for a boy, masculine choices might include roses and dahlias in darker hues, gerberas, red chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, or birds of paradise.
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