Planning to place an order on Flowwow? Don't forget the promo code! Almost every purchase with us becomes even more enjoyable with promo codes for first orders, exclusive coupons, and bonuses.

We’ll explain how to save money with Flowwow: promo codes for returning customers, the loyalty programme, first-order discount codes, and simple hacks that will result in profitable shopping.

How to get promo codes and discounts

Welcome Bonus Points

As a welcome present, Flowwow provides a coupon code for your first order to celebrate our new connection. Usually, it’ll appear in your profile after you’ve signed up. You’d need to log in, enter the city for delivery, add items to the cart, and proceed to payment. You’ll be awarded 100 bonus points at checkout.

Where does it work? In the mobile app. 

How to get it? Check out the ‘Promo Codes, Bonuses, and Discounts’ tab to review the welcome bonus points available.

Keep in mind: Bonuses can’t be combined with other offers. Before checking out, select the most favourable option.

Loyalty Programme

Loyalty Programme

On Flowwow, most of the shops participate in the loyalty programme WowPass. The shops decide to join the programme and determine the amount of cashback returned as bonuses after purchase. Typically, it's a 2–3% reduction from the usual price. The points have no expiration date and can partially cover the cost of your next purchase. Look for sellers with an ‘Accepts bonuses’ icon. Use the WowPass filter to quickly discover all these shops.

Where does it work? The bonuses will accumulate with each order made on the website or the app, but you can only pay with them when paying through the app. 

How to get it? Click on ‘Promo Codes and Bonuses’ to check how many bonus points you have. To earn more, just keep shopping at Flowwow’s shops that are part of this programme.

Bring a Friend Promotion

Bring a Friend Promotion

This promotion is a special treat for introducing us to your friends and close ones. Each of our customers has a one-of-a-kind combination of symbols in their mobile app profile. Send this code to someone who hasn't purchased with us yet to receive 500 bonus points on your next order.

Where does it work? In the mobile app.

How to get it? After downloading the app and inputting your code in the dedicated space, your friend will receive an additional 15% off their first order, while you will receive your reward.

Flowwow Promo Codes from Influencers

We collaborate with influencers from various fields to develop unique Flowwow promo codes. If you come across our name when browsing your ‘For You’ page on Instagram, it means an opportunity to enjoy a discount!

Where does it work? Depending on the specific collaboration, the promo codes can work both in the app and website. Sometimes they apply to both first-time and repeat orders. 

How to get it? Find the code shared on influencers' social media, like London is Pink or Liolaliola, then copy and save it. Finally, enter the code in the designated field to claim your reward.

Keep in mind: Only one voucher is available per order, so ensure to use the most advantageous offer.

Promo Codes for Repeat Orders

We regularly collaborate with various services and create noteworthy opportunities for their customers to save an extra penny on any Flowwow purchases. These codes can be used multiple times during the specified period.

Where does it work? It depends on the offer. 

How to get it? Find the information on the ‘Promotions and Special Offers’ pages of your favourite services.

Affordable Delivery

A banner offering a promo code for free delivery from Flowwow is likely a scam. Delivery is the one service on our marketplace that isn’t affected by any offers, as its cost is determined by the shop and is covered by the customer. However, there's a lone exception!

Upon request, you can opt for our 'Affordable Delivery for the Customer' option, which provides the customer with a certain compensation towards the total delivery cost. This compensation can even cover the entire delivery cost, especially when selecting a shop close to your destination location.

Where does it work? On the website and in the app. 

How to get it? In the product catalogue, when selecting items, click on the ‘Affordable Delivery for the Customer’ filter, and you'll see products from shops that have this option in your city.

Now you know which Flowwow promo codes to use when ordering fresh flowers, delicious cakes, and remarkable gifts. Choose the offer that benefits you the most and enjoy your shopping! Our final tip is: the mobile app frequently offers exclusive discount opportunities. If you haven't installed our mobile app yet, it's worth doing it now.