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How to download and use the Flowwow app

13 March 66
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How to access a vast array of products in a thousand cities in just 5 minutes? Try Flowwow: an app for shoppers that allows you to quickly find products from local brands in a thousand cities.

How to use it? After downloading, complete a quick registration, and voila, you can swiftly find a gift for yourself or a loved one with a 30-minute delivery.

What to buy through the Flowwow app? Flowers, cakes and sweets, paintings, designer jewellery, balloons, beauty sets, and much more.

The easiest way to get to know Flowwow is to download our mobile app on Android or iOS. But before hitting that download button, let's find out what other applications are part of our ecosystem.

App Flowwow for sellers, couriers and shoppers

Which Flowwow app to download — for sellers, couriers, or shoppers?

There isn't just one, but three! Which Flowwow app should you use?

To quickly buy a custom cake for a birthday or a bouquet of flowers, you need the ‘Flowwow - Reliable Delivery’ app for convenient purchases. It has had over 1.5 million downloads on Android and iOS in 1.5 years. Once you enter the address, you will see all available categories: fresh flowers, indoor plants, custom cakes, jewellery, and thousands more items from 20 categories.

‘Flowwow Seller’ is worth downloading if you're planning to sell your products on the marketplace. This app features a seller dashboard, where you can create a new shop, showcase your products, set working hours, accept customer requests, receive weekly automatic payouts, and get up-to-date sales statistics.

And finally, there's ‘Flowwow for Couriers’ — an app used to deliver gifts and earn extra income. The service is free, offering an opportunity for couriers to learn about new opportunities, identify areas where more employees are needed, set order status, and receive rewards from customers.

Using all three applications is seamless and intuitive, and it allows us to accept, assemble, and deliver your selection as quickly as possible.

Flowwow App for Shoppers

Flowwow App for Shoppers

Once registered, you'll always have access to everything you need for quick and convenient shopping. This includes access to a range of local shops in your desired city, transparent ratings, numerous reviews left by other customers, and simple and reliable payment methods with instant refunds if the shop doesn't accept the order or it isn't delivered.

In your personal account, you can view your order history and mark important dates on the calendar to receive timely notifications about upcoming holidays or other occasions when it’s time for gifts. It’s also easy to find current promo codes and coupons, and with just one click, redeem or donate all your bonuses to charitable funds.

Flowwow App for Shops

Flowwow App for Shops

This is a user-friendly app with an intuitive interface, averaging a 4.5 rating in mobile app shops, and it will not occupy too much space on your device. Here, you can manage your shop on the marketplace: list new products, upload photos and videos, accept orders, review feedback, monitor your rating, and track essential statistics.

The app also features an integrated chat with customers: you can ask them to confirm the delivery address or let them know about a delay.

Flowwow App for Couriers

Flowwow App for Couriers

The primary tool for self-employed couriers, it allows them to find nearby orders and plan their schedule.

The app collects statistics for each employee and regulates their work: the most efficient employees are assigned to busy hotspots and receive push notifications about new opportunities slightly ahead of others. By completing ‘urgent’ requests more often, our couriers receive additional bonuses to be spent later on.

This service also serves as the main safeguard in case of unforeseen situations: here, it’s easy to contact the support team and resolve issues (for example, if the recipient is not at home).

So, now you are ready to order amazing gifts with us! Download the Flowwow app on Android or iOS and enjoy thousands of options.


How to register with Flowwow?

Register with us on the website or in the mobile app. To become a member, simply enter your mobile number, wait for the OTP code to arrive, and enter it into the designated field.

How does delivery work on Flowwow?

Each seller chooses how to provide fast delivery: either by hiring personnel directly or with the help of third-party services. Sellers can also request assistance with ‘Flowwow for Couriers’: it's fully automated, helping to find a courier as quickly as possible and track the delivery in real-time.

What is the Flowwow website?

It’s a full-service marketplace for sellers to list their products, accept orders through their personal accounts, and receive payouts and weekly statistics, while customers can order their favourite items in any of the 1000+ cities with fast, convenient delivery.

How to contact Flowwow?

The simplest and, by far, fastest way to contact customer support is through our in-app chat. On business days, you can receive a response within about 3–5 minutes, and it might take around 10 minutes during holidays.

What commission percentage does Flowwow take?

Our platform only takes a commission from the seller for completed orders. It can range from 5 to 23% (withdrawn from the order payment) depending on the region and product, but in most categories (decor, paintings, jewellery, etc.), the commission is 5%. Additionally, each seller can send their customer a direct link from their personal account. If the customer then uses this link, their order will not be subject to commission, and the seller will only cover processing fees.

How much does delivery cost on Flowwow?

These costs might vary, as the sellers set the fees themselves. When using the ‘Flowwow Courier’ app, the delivery cost is calculated using a special formula that considers not only the transit time but also the shop’s rating among active delivery personnel.

How to properly accept an order from a courier?

Don't be surprised if you weren't expecting a delivery: our service is chosen precisely to create surprises! If the courier asks for your name, be sure to provide it: this allows us to ensure that the order has been delivered correctly. Next, check your gift: the packaging should be unopened. Once done, enjoy your surprise! And finally, don't forget to leave feedback on our platform to help others choose the best gifts for their loved ones.

How does the courier pick up the order?

Shops using Flowwow delivery do not have to look for couriers: the service provides automatic matching for them. Usually, the courier arrives at the shop within 10–15 minutes and either waits for the order to be assembled or, if it is ready, sets off to their destination. At this point, the courier will change the status of your order, and you will receive a push notification update.

How to use Flowwow courier delivery?

For shoppers, there's nothing extra to do: the delivery cost is automatically calculated as soon as you enter the recipient's address. If you only know the recipient's phone number, you'll receive an additional invoice for delivery fees once the exact address is provided to the personnel. The same goes for the sellers who use Flowwow delivery: they simply accept the order, and the system handles the rest.
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