Strawberries dipped in chocolate are such a beloved dessert. What is their secret — and why is this simple recipe so highly valued all over the world?

How to make chocolate-covered strawberries

This healthy, low-calorie treat contains no excessive fats or artificial additives. Most chocolate-covered strawberries have an easy recipe, and the result looks stunning both in a bouquet and on a plate. Whether it’s a small birthday celebration or a lush wedding, this perfect sweet is bound to impress your guests more than a traditional cheesecake. Moreover, you can make this delectable dessert at home instead of ordering it online from a confectionery. We offer the recipe and tips, and all you need from your side is some patience and practice.

Are you prepared to try it out?

Here's our take on how to make chocolate-dipped strawberries yourself!

Preparation Time

Approximately 15 minutes, plus around 10 minutes for dipping and drying. Additionally, reserve some time for decoration.

Nutrition Information

  1. 200-250 calories per 100g, depending on the decoration
  2. Protein: 3g 
  3. Fat: 10g 
  4. Carbohydrates: 25g 
  5. Fibre: 5g 

When using white or milk chocolate, the final energy value is higher compared to the dark variety

Basic ingredients 

  1. Fresh, not frozen strawberries
  2. Any type of chocolate, preferably tempered
  3. Sugar decor, wafer crumbs, coconut flakes, any decor – optional


  1. Containers for melting chocolate in the microwave. For the ultimate experience (and best results), consider a double boiler
  2. Wooden skewers or a cooling rack
  3. Pastry bag equipped with the finest nozzle. Making a tiny hole in an ordinary plastic bag is also suitable; this way, the chocolate will flow in a very thin stream

Step-by-Step Recipe with Photos

Step-by-Step Recipe

1. Prepare the berries

Prepare the berries

Thoroughly clean the strawberries without removing the stems, and use a paper towel to fully dry them. Next, store them in the fridge for about 1-2 hours, no more, no less. It's important that the berries are cold but not covered in frost: otherwise, they will become moist again. This trick is what allows the glaze to stick perfectly.

2. Prepare the glaze 

For this chocolate strawberries recipe, any two kinds of chocolate are fitting: one for the base, the other — for decoration. Start by breaking the chocolate and putting it in a double boiler. To avoid dealing with boiling water, use the "Defrost" mode on the microwave for about 20-25 seconds.

The berries should be well chilled by the time the chocolate glaze is finished.

3. Coat the berries

Coat the berries

Here’s how to make white chocolate-covered strawberries: once your chocolate becomes warm, dip the cold and completely dry berries into it. Hold the stems or insert wooden skewers to a depth of about 1 cm. Even if you don't plan on assembling a berry bouquet or using floral foam for drying, skewering the berries is a highly convenient method.

Once the excess glaze is gone, place the berry in a glass or insert it into a floral foam. If holding the berries by the stems, put them on a prepared cooling rack. You can experiment with different chocolate types to enjoy various tastes and combinations.

4. Decorate the strawberries 

For this tutorial, we'll take a look at the three basic designs for chocolate-coated strawberries that can be combined in any way you like.

Option 1:

Decorate the strawberries: stylish pattern

While the glaze is warm, carefully drizzle a different type of chocolate over it, then lightly "smudge" the drips with a toothpick to create a stylish pattern.

Option 2: 

Apply coconut flakes, wafer crumbs, or sugar sprinkles to the warm glaze layer so that the decoration sticks. The blue decor looks especially marvellous.

Option 3:

Decorate the strawberries: contrasting pattern

On a cooled glaze, apply drops, stripes, or spirals of melted chocolate in a contrasting pattern. White on milk, white on dark, and dark on white all look great. Also, don’t forget to try out the amazing pink or ruby chocolate!

Option 4: 

This one is known as the fancy “tuxedo” pattern. First, prepare white chocolate-covered berries and keep them refrigerated for about 10-15 minutes to cool. After that, gently smudge the opposite sides of the berries with a darker variety and draw the “buttons” with a toothpick. 

After the decoration, the berries should be dried until the glaze fully hardens.

5. Assemble the dessert 

To arrange the appetising chocolate-covered strawberries, let your imagination run wild! We recommend serving plates, wooden boards, or platters.

Assemble the dessert

When making a gift, pack the dessert in a box and ensure to add a paper liner for each berry. For a bouquet, you’ll need to tie the skewers together with some floral foam and wrap the composition in craft paper.


How long do you dry strawberries before dipping them in chocolate?

The berries should be fully dried and free of moisture, so about 10-15 minutes is typically enough.

Why won't my melted chocolate stick to the strawberries? 

This is a common problem, and the likely reasons are condensation, extremely hot or cold chocolate, or not enough cocoa butter in the glaze.

Is it possible to use regular chocolate as melting chocolate? 

Yes, it’s possible, but it may require additional tempering to create the necessary texture and consistency.

What kind of chocolate is the best for melting and dipping? 

Typically, it’s the couverture, or melting chocolate, as it contains about 32% cocoa butter. It has better fluidity and sets without refrigerating.

Can you refrigerate strawberries after dipping them in chocolate? 

Generally, it is recommended to wait until the glaze fully hardens. After that, the dessert can be refrigerated.

Why do chocolate-covered strawberries become watery? 

The culprit is condensation, which forms due to sudden changes in temperature. The perfect balance is achieved by storing the berries in the fridge for 1-2 hours. Avoid moving them earlier or later to prevent condensation.

How do you thin the chocolate for dipping strawberries? 

Cocoa butter, vegetable oil, coconut oil, or rapeseed oil can help achieve a nearly perfect consistency. However, always add these thinning agents gradually and don’t forget to gently stir.

How do you dry strawberries quickly? 

Using paper towels or a fan at low speed to promote air circulation can speed up this process.

What can I use to dry chocolate-covered strawberries without parchment paper? 

Instead of parchment paper, place chocolate strawberries on wax paper, a silicone baking mat, or a non-stick cooling rack and leave them to dry.

What is the difference between normal chocolate and melting chocolate? 

The essential difference is the cocoa butter percentage, which is significantly higher in melting chocolate. A higher proportion of cocoa butter equals better fluidity and easier dipping.

How do you keep melted chocolate from hardening? 

The key is to place the bowl over a pan of warm water; ideally, use a double boiler to maintain a warm temperature and the desired consistency.

Should chocolate-covered strawberries be cold or warm? 

The answer depends on the stage: for dipping, the berries must be very cold to prevent condensation, while a finished dessert is served slightly chilled.

How long do strawberries dipped in chocolate last? 

In the fridge, this dessert can be kept for no more than 1-2 days. However, if you’re aiming for the best taste and texture, try to eat it within 24 hours.

How many chocolate-covered strawberries per person? 

As a general guideline, 2-3 strawberries per person are considered a good portion size.

Can You Freeze Chocolate-Covered Strawberries? 

While it is possible, the texture and appearance may be compromised upon defrosting. The berries may become soft, and condensation may appear. That’s why it is best to consume them fresh or within a day or two of preparation.