In the 21st century, no distance can stop you from staying connected to a friend, significant other, or anyone you love. Even when far apart, we remain close, continuing to communicate, share experiences, and congratulate each other on birthdays. In this article, we'll discuss how to creatively congratulate someone from a distance, even if they're in another city, using all available technologies and services.

Congratulate If you’re far away

Of course, it won’t be possible to go without original gifts that can be ordered with same-day delivery to another city. A designer bouquet, a box of sweets, a cake, or an entire surprise box — with these options, an answer to a question of how to say happy birthday from a distance is at your fingertips.

For example, such charming boxes are ready to delight recipients in London right now:

Congratulations from a distance: Who, When, and How?

Does this sound familiar? You moved to another city for studies, and back home, your partner or loved one is still waiting for you. Or an urgent business trip falls on the very weekend when your mother celebrates her anniversary.

It's unfortunate that you can't be with your loved one, but don’t need to say no to a surprise gift. Choosing how to congratulate a person at a distance will only take a few minutes.

By the way, birthdays are far from the only occasion for long-distance gifts. A friend gets married, acquaintances welcome a new baby, a loved one gets promoted, a sister finds a job: there are so many reasons to cheer up those who are important to you, despite the distance!

Moreover, let's not forget about surprises for no reason at all. Every girlfriend, friend, or wife will be delighted to suddenly receive a little reminder from their loved one that they're being thought of.

Now, let's find out how to congratulate a person in another city and make it original, charming, and not too expensive.

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Phone Call

Phone call

Online, you can choose a congratulatory service within minutes, helping you to send a song, a poem, or an original audio clip to your loved one's phone. You can select a greeting with the recipient's name and schedule the delivery for a specific day and time. It's a bit more interesting than calling yourself and convenient if you're in significantly different time zones.

Video Greeting

Video Greeting

As simple as it gets: record a video message on your smartphone and send it to your loved one, who's celebrating far away from you. The simplest way is to make sure your phone is fully charged, set up decent lighting, and record the greeting alone or with your family. Another option is to ask your friends and close ones to record their videos, which you can then edit or add background music. The recipients of such gifts are often the closest relatives: husband, wife, or siblings.

If you're wondering how to congratulate a person at a distance via video call in real-time, try this: time your wishes with an impressive surprise or the presentation of the main birthday gift. For example, during your conversation, a courier could deliver balloons or a set of original cupcakes with a chocolate card.

Flower Delivery

A very quick, easy, and effective way to congratulate loved ones on the same day, without any preparation. Many services are ready to deliver flowers to your mother's, wife's, or girlfriend's doorstep in just 1 hour or even faster, so even if you haven't prepared in advance, your bouquet will arrive on time.

And if you're ordering a bouquet on Flowwow and want to accompany the gift with heart-warming wishes, all you need to do is enter your text in a special field. The florist will rewrite your message word-to-word by hand onto a branded card.

Sweet Congratulations

Another impressive option is to order some delightful desserts for the recipient: a beautiful cake, a sweet card with a personalized design, or a set of pastries with thematic decoration.

Cake Card

A sponge cake with creamy print or a cardholder: beautiful, touching, and no need to worry about where to put the card afterwards to avoid losing it.

Bento Cake

A portion of an amazing dessert just for one person — with a message, too. Thematic captions can be personalised: for a husband, mother, or child.


A very successful solution if the recipient of the gift is hosting a party: there'll be enough treats for everyone! It's great that both guys and girls, as well as children, will be pleased with such a gift.

Gifts with Delivery

Once upon a time, our ancestors did just that: they spent several weeks, or even months, choosing a present, packing it properly, and sending it to the recipient, hoping the gift would arrive just in time for the special occasion. Today, quick shopping services are widely used: you don't send anything anywhere, you simply order a gift from one of the stores in the recipient's city. This way is faster and more convenient, and such services allow presenting perishable gifts: cut flowers, pies, desserts, etc.

Card with Parcel

Mail may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it makes your care and love even more romantic. Yes, not everything can be sent by mail, but on Flowwow, there are plenty of items that can be ordered to another city with post delivery. For example, jewellery, stylish authentic decor, and handmade toys.

Gift Certificate

A great solution if the recipient of your gift is your mother, sister, or friend. There's a great variety of different certificate offers on the market: massage or floating sessions, gliding and karting, cooking and pottery workshops.

Gift Boxes with Delivery

A good idea is to order a ready-made beautiful box from a gift shop along with a bouquet. Men's sets often include dishes, coffee and tea, nuts, sweets, woollen accessories, and spice sets. Women's boxes more often include chocolate, candles, bath cosmetics, and dried flower bouquets.

Sending Money

Sending Money

Let's not forget about such a simple solution as the good old money transfer. While this type of gift from a distance may lack romance, the recipient will always find a use for it. The main thing is to choose a reliable service and calculate the timing of the transfer correctly.

How to Choose a Remote Gift?

It's great if a friend or relative drops a few hints on the eve of an important day, and you know what to order for them with delivery from one of the local stores. But if there are no hints and you're asked to use your imagination, it's easy to get lost. Allow us to share some experiences with you and demonstrate the most successful solutions to congratulate a loved one.

For Mom and Dad

To convey your love and care to your parents, choose cosy home textiles: plush pillows or a blanket with sleeves, which can serve as both a standalone gift and as part of sets with dishes, sweets, and nuts.

For Brother

If your brother is someone who enjoys good food, a great idea is to send him a whole box, crate, or perhaps a huge basket of aromatic tasty treats to his doorstep. Smoked meats, cheeses, vegetables, a whole crab surrounded by appetizing lemons.

For Sister

There are plenty of options! It all depends on the age, character, and interests of your sister, but one of the foolproof options is a box of Korean skincare products: masks, patches, light fragrant cream, and everything that girls love.

For Husband

Only you know what your beloved husband will be most pleased with. We suggest a set of game meat delicacies or a set of useful items to keep warm in the cold.

For Wife

It could be handmade cosmetics, exquisite home decor, or a delicious bento cake. But we recommend taking a look at jewellery from local designers: you can choose and order beautiful pearl earrings, unique bracelets, and lovely resin pendants for your wife from anywhere in the world.

For Girlfriend

A romantic gift would be a candle made of natural wax with light and delicate scents. A special surprise for your girlfriend would be a touching message that appears on the surface of the candle after 30-40 minutes of burning.

For Boyfriend

If no orders have come from your boyfriend, you can simply send him a tasty cake and order a message from the confectioner that hits the mark. Use your favourite meme or a phrase that only the two of you understand: the surprise will be a success!

For Grandma or Grandpa

Elderly relatives often say they don't need anything. In that case, you can treat them to a pleasant tea party when you're together again. Meanwhile, a gift set of tea and coffee, as well as useful sweets, gingerbread, and beautiful tea sets, will be suitable as a present.

For Friend

A good gift idea is a little garden. A terrarium with succulents, a family of cacti in a cute pot, a beautiful monstera or ivy, or perhaps a luxurious live orchid.

Where to Order Flower and Gift Delivery to Another City?

When choosing a gift delivery service, it's worth paying attention to several factors right away:

  1. Geography. It's essential that the delivery operates in the city you need.
  2. Assortment. It's important to choose a gift that is suitable specifically for your loved one.
  3. Reliable service. Surprise delivery is a delicate matter: it's important that the order is delivered on time, and the recipient isn't disturbed ahead of time.

The Flowwow Marketplace is a good solution if you plan to congratulate a loved one while being in another city, hundreds or thousands of kilometres away. Here's why:

  1. We operate in major cities in the UK and 24 other countries.
  2. The platform offers products from 20+ categories. Flowers, cakes, indoor plants, baskets of exotic fruits, delicious catering, home decor, handmade cosmetics, jewellery, accessories, and everything else we're used to giving to our loved ones.
  3. Sellers themselves determine how quickly they can deliver your order to the recipient. So, if you see that the bouquet will reach your beloved girlfriend within 1 hour, it will indeed be so.
  4. Before sending, the seller photographs all flowers and cakes and sends them to you for approval: if something isn't to your liking, you can ask for changes or additions until the courier sets off to the delivery address.
  5. The Flowwow service is originally designed to arrange surprises. For this purpose, we offer fast delivery, a user-friendly interface, and a rule: not to disturb the recipient earlier than 5 minutes before presenting the surprise.

Moreover, arranging surprises with Flowwow is also cost-effective. By ordering from stores marked with Wowpass, you accumulate bonuses, which you can then use to pay up to 100% of your next purchase. Bonuses don't expire and wait for their time as long as needed. To make purchases even more enjoyable, you can use current promo codes and buy with a discount of 5, 10, 15%, and even more.