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Daisy flower meaning and colour symbolism

09 February 1227
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These flowers can seem somewhat simple in their appearance, yet they are most likely the first bloom you think about when someone mentions flowers. Having unique, profound meanings and fitting significance for countless occasions, they also boast a variety of applications. Let's explore the facets of daisy meanings and find out how colours express various concepts.

Daisy Flower History & Insights

Daisy meaning

Perhaps not surprisingly, this bloom dates all the way back to ancient times, when it was first discovered in its natural environment. Its name is derived from the Old English phrase ‘daes eage,’ which can be translated as ‘day's eye.’ Such a charming connotation is derived from the plant’s nature; its petals are open in the daytime and closed during the night. Later on, the ancient Romans chose these blooms to portray Venus, forever tying them to the idea of flawless purity; over time, this meaning of the daisy flower has spread across the globe.

Spiritual Meaning: Daisy Flower

Spiritually, the daisy flower has a symbolic meaning of divine virtue, goodness of heart, and simplicity. Additionally, its appearance radiates cheerful energy and positivity, and they are often incorporated into decor during various spiritual practices.

What Do Daisies Symbolise?

New Beginnings

Symbolising the idea of transformation and the promise of a bright future, daisies are the perfect embodiment of a new start in life.

True Love

Another interpretation sees them as the ultimate symbol of true love. Because of this, daisies also express unwavering commitment to a significant other.

In Friendship

When it comes to friendship, these blossoms demonstrate sincerity that can only be found in genuine friendships that will last a lifetime.

What Are the Different Meanings of Daisy Colours?

Meaning of daisy

White Daisy

White daisies express purity and virtue, which leads to them being often chosen for events that celebrate a new start. Weddings, housewarmings, and the christening of a child are ideal events for such blooms.

Yellow Daisy

Yellow daisies radiate joy and merry spirits, serving as a token of positive energy. Whenever it’s time to strengthen your friendship and demonstrate appreciation to a close friend, don’t be afraid of going for these flowers.

Pink Daisy

Pink daisies denote admiration and gratitude, perfect for expressing affection towards someone special. Both romantic occasions and friendly gatherings are suitable for offering an arrangement with pink varieties.

Red Daisy

Red daisies speak volumes about ardent, passionate love, courtesy of a bold and vibrant appearance. Anniversaries, dates, and other celebrations will become unforgettable with these beautiful blooms.

Orange Daisy

Orange daisies symbolise enthusiasm and vigour, a flawless representation of all the energetic people out there. When celebrating achievements or expressing encouragement, consider choosing these wonderful bouquets.

Blue Daisy

Blue daisies speak of mystery and the unattainable – anything falling under the world of magic. When the situation calls for a surprising and intriguing gift, these arrangements are your best bet.

Purple Daisy

Purple daisies exemplify grace and hope, which is perfect for elegantly expressing admiration for someone close to you. During birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations, they will become a colourful addition to your surprise.

Daisy Symbolism in Flower Language

In Victorian times, one would be encouraged to consult flower guidebooks before purchasing arrangements. According to the flower language, daisy means unwavering loyalty, strong affection, and flawless purity.

When Should You Gift Someone a Daisy?

These blooms create versatile surprises, no matter the occasion. However, if their colour coincides with the feelings you want to express, the effect is going to be even stronger! Although the primary connotation suggests using them for celebrating a new chapter in one’s life, birthdays and anniversaries will also benefit from the addition of daisies. 

Sometimes, you might not want to wait for an occasion to present a charming arrangement; this is exactly where daisies come into play! Offer them to anyone close to you even if there’s no particular reason other than lifting their spirits on a dreary day.

Culinary and Medicinal Uses of Daisies

Daisy flower meaning

Daisies boast a variety of practical uses. Some varieties are edible and serve as a vital element in many traditional salads, while others have been historically incorporated into medical solutions to improve chronic skin conditions and avoid digestive issues.

Now you know that daisies go well beyond their visual appeal; their language speaks volumes about novelty, passion, and happiness. Whether it’s time for a unique celebration or a simple pick-me-up gift, you can’t go wrong with daisies!


What Does a Daisy Flower Represent?

The meaning of a daisy is novelty, the only and only soulmate, and goodness of heart. Most commonly, they denote a happy attitude, ideal to present whenever it’s time to open a new chapter.

How to Care For Your Daisies?

With cut flowers, clean water and partial shade are crucial. Additionally, consider including flower foods to provide the essential minerals. If caring for garden varieties, choose well-drained soil and place them in a sunny location.

How Long Do Daisy Flowers Last?

Daisy flowers typically last for about a week. Regular pruning, removing dried flowers, and using flower foods can extend their blooming period.

Does Daisy Mean True Love?

Yes, true love is always connected with these wonderful blooms. So, to express unwavering passion, choose red or white varieties as a gift.

What Is the Meaning of the White Daisy Flower?

These blooms are the embodiment of a pure spirit and successful fresh starts.

What Is Special About Daisy Flower?

It’s the daisy's simplicity and charm, coupled with its rich symbolism, that makes it so unique. On top of that, the daisy is the birth flower for April, meaning that it's one of the few flowers to represent people’s personalities.

What Are Wild Daisy Flowers?

Wild varieties are ones that grow naturally in the wild, occurring in specific areas without any intervention from people.

What Is a Gerbera Daisy Flower?

The Gerbera daisy is a distinct species with larger, more colourful blooms compared to the common variety. Generally, it also conveys cheerful sentiments and can be frequently found in hand-tied bouquets.
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