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Dahlia Flower Meaning and Colour Symbolism

04 March 958
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Dahlia flower meaning and colour symbolism

Are you familiar with dahlias? These star-shaped blooms are often confused with asters, but they do have their own unique charm. As relatives of sunflowers, they feature pointy shapes and numerous petals. However, while sunflowers don’t usually come in many colours, dahlias boast a stunning variety of hues, ideal for lush, vibrant bouquets. So, let’s take a look at the most popular interpretations of this lovely blossom.

What is the Meaning of Dahlia Flower

What is the meaning of Dahlia flower

Primarily, dahlia is associated with ideas of elegance, independence, and inner power. In the flower language, these flowers often represent sentiments of gratitude for the kindness received or admiration for one's inner beauty. However, each dahlia colour is interpreted differently!

History and Origins of Dahlia Flower

Found in the mountainous regions of Central America, dahlias can be traced back all the way to the famous Aztec civilisation. During that time, they were a beloved decorative item, a medical ingredient, and even a food item. Nevertheless, it wasn't until the 19th century that dahlias became acclaimed in Europe and eventually spread worldwide, serving as ornamental plants.

Dahlia Flower Meaning

Dahlia's connotations encompass a wide spectrum of emotions and symbolism. Most commonly, this flower represents grace, innovation, and resilience. Some alternative interpretations are connected with the ideas of embracing positive changes and standing out in the crowd. This is why dahlia is the birth month flower of August – it represents joyful, creative people, who are always ready to take on the whole world.

Dahlia Spiritual Meaning

In spiritual contexts, dahlias are often associated with the ability to overcome challenges. They symbolise the journey of personal growth, reminding individuals to embrace their inner power and face life's obstacles with courage. Some alternative readings also encompass themes of inner strength and transformation, suggesting that these vibrant flowers carry energies that inspire individuals to unleash their full potential. Moreover, dahlias are often seen as symbols of divine guidance and protection; if you know someone in need of guidance during challenging times, offering them a bouquet of dahlias could help them find a sense of harmony and balance on their spiritual journey.

Dahlia Flower Meaning by Colour

Black Dahlia Meaning

Black Dahlia

Black dahlias symbolise a sense of enchantment and the unattainable. Connected to the deeper mysteries of life, they are an amazing fit for someone associated with the mystique.

Red Dahlia Meaning

Red Dahlia

Red dahlias convey passion, desire, and beauty, which makes them a top-notch option when it’s time to express the fiery intensity of heartfelt emotions.

Pink Dahlia Meaning

Pink Dahlia

Pink dahlias signify grace, commitment, and admiration. If you want to share the excitement of being in a close relationship with someone, consider an arrangement with these blooms.

White Dahlia Meaning

White Dahlia

White dahlias symbolise virtue and new beginnings. Whenever the people close to you need clarity of thought or a promise of a fresh start, choose this variety.

Purple Dahlia Meaning

Purple Dahlia

Purple dahlias embody royalty, luxury, and spiritual awakening – especially in a religious sense. This is the ideal option for recipients who are looking for their purpose in life.

Yellow and Orange Dahlia Meaning

Yellow and Orange Dahlia

Yellow and orange dahlias are all about warmth, kindness, and childlike glee. Thanks to the radiant energy of the sun seen in these blossoms, you can always choose them to lift someone’s spirits.

Green and Blue Dahlia Flower Meaning

Green and Blue Dahlia

Green and blue dahlias represent similar ideas: tranquillity, dignity, and inner balance. The restorative power of nature shines through these blooms, and it can help someone restore their strength and heal.

Symbolic Meanings of the Dahlia Flower in Different Languages

Symbolic Meanings of the Dahlia Flower in Different Languages

Dahlia Flower Meaning in English

In English, elegance, inner strength, and creativity are the dominant ideas when it comes to dahlias. In the Victorian flower language, popular in England in the 19th century, the symbolism of this flower depended on its colour and context. For instance, red dahlias symbolised romance, while white dahlias represented new beginnings. They also signified inner strength and resilience in the face of adversity and even played a significant role in Victorian courting practices.

Dahlia Flower Meaning in Hindi

In Hindi culture, these flowers express sentiments of admiration and appreciation. They are often used in religious ceremonies, festivals, and cultural celebrations as offerings to deities or as decorative elements in rituals to demonstrate one’s devotion. Sometimes, these flowers can be found in Indian art, literature, and folklore, where they represent themes of beauty, resilience, and the cycle of life.

Dahlia Flower Meaning in Other Languages

  1. Spanish: Known as ‘Dalia,’ this flower is often associated with finding beauty in adversity.
  2. French: Referred to as ‘dahlia,’ it embodies the idea of standing tall and proud, no matter the circumstances.
  3. German: In German, the dahlia is called ‘Dahlie,’ conveying gratitude for one’s kindness.
  4. Italian: A "dalia" in Italian, this flower is an emblem of artistic expression and romantic gestures.

What Flowers Go Well with Dahlias

What Flowers Go Well with Dahlias

Dahlias complement a wide array of flowers, adding vibrancy and texture:

  1. Roses: Classic and romantic, roses help refine the arrangement and offer delicate fragrance.
  2. Lilies: Majestic lilies have profound symbolism that goes perfectly with dahlias.
  3. Peonies: Lush peonies help create a stunning display of opulence and charm.
  4. Sunflowers: Bright sunflowers are paired with dahlias to provide some extra contrast.


Does Dahlia Mean Betrayal?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not connected to betrayal and embodies very positive meanings.

What Is the Myth of the Dahlia Flower?

The myth of the dahlia comes from the Aztecs, who believed that it helped the Earth Goddess give birth to her son. After taking care of this flower for a whole night, the Earth Goddess was blessed with a beating boy, who later became a powerful deity in Aztec mythology.

What Is a Fact About the Dahlia Flower?

An interesting fact about dahlias is their versatility in sizes: from small pompons to large blooms, they can offer various options for your needs. Because of this, dahlias can be used in almost any bouquet, perfectly complementing other flowers.

What Does Dahlia Mean in Islam?

While it is not explicitly mentioned in religious texts, ‘dalia’ can be used as a name for a girl, that will symbolise beauty and admiration.

What Is Special About Dahlias?

Beloved for their stunning looks, vibrancy, and diverse symbolism, these flowers can make any celebration special. Also, they thrive in various climates and soil conditions and will make a wonderful addition to any garden.

What Makes a Dahlia a Dahlia?

Dahlias are characterised by tuberous roots, serrated leaves, and intricate flower heads composed of multiple layers of petals. These distinctive features distinguish dahlias from other flower varieties.
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