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When is Сhinese New Year in 2024 and how to celebrate it?

11 December 933
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Chinese New Year 2024

As everybody gears up to bid goodbye to the Tiger, the anticipation for the vibrant and culturally rich Chinese New Year 2024 is building. This ancient holiday consists of countless exciting customs and joyful gatherings. Come with us to look at the Year of the Dragon, discuss Chinese New Year animals, and find out about the traditions accompanying this auspicious occasion.

What is the Chinese New Year 2024 Animal?

The Chinese zodiac connects every passing year with a distinct animal, 12 animals in total. In 2024, the spotlight is given to the majestic Dragon, a mythical yet highly revered creature all over the world.

What Qualities Does the Dragon Represent?

Inheriting the creature's auspicious qualities, people with the mark of the Dragon are all about power, authority, and good fortune. Dragons signify remarkable intelligence, bravery, and an inherent sense of justice; individuals marked by this sign are highly ambitious and act as natural leaders.

Yearly Dates for Chinese New Year

Yearly Dates for Chinese New Year

As the event hinges on the moon cycles, there is always a distinctive time. In 2024, it’s January 22nd.

How Long does Chinese New Year 2024 take?

Typically, it’s a 15-day event. This extended celebration offers ample time to reunite and spend more time together while enjoying this merry occasion.

Chinese New Year Dates in 2024, 2025, 2026...

In 2025, February 10th kicks off the Year of the Snake, while in 2026, the Year of the Horse will begin on January 29th.

Why Is the Chinese New Year Date Different Every Year?

Why Is the Chinese New Year Date Different Every Year?

The Chinese New Year calendar, the key element of the holiday, advises the festivities should begin with the arrival of the second new moon. Specifically, there’s a different date from year to year, and they’re unlikely to repeat.

Is 2024 Lucky for You?

Chinese New Year Horoscope 2024 for each Animal

Rat: This year promises career advancements and financial stability, so you can focus on building strong connections with loved ones.

Ox: Embrace change and take calculated risks. This year is ideal for personal growth and new opportunities.

Tiger: Exercise caution in decision-making to avoid conflicts. For a harmonious year, make sure to cultivate patience and mindfulness.

Rabbit: Financial prosperity awaits, but be mindful of overspending. Strengthen relationships for lasting happiness.

Dragon: Meet challenges with resilience and keep going forward! Ample opportunities for professional growth await you.

Snake: Stay vigilant in personal and professional relationships! With some extra effort, positive changes will appear on the horizon.

Horse: Balance is critical in 2024 – focus on maintaining stability in your life, and success will follow.

Goat: Take charge of your destiny! There’s nothing better than seizing opportunities for your development.

Monkey: Approach challenges with a positive mindset, and favourable outcomes will follow.

Rooster: Foster teamwork and collaboration. Your social connections will play a crucial role in your success.

Dog: Stay adaptable to change, especially in your love life. Stay cautious to find new opportunities for personal growth.

Pig: Cultivate a positive outlook on life, striving for joy and extraordinary accomplishments in your life.

Popular Сhinese New Year Celebrations in 2024

Chinese NY Celebrations in 2024

Chinese New Year: Traditions

Marked by a myriad of customs aimed to attract luck, solid capital, and ultimate well-being, this event calls for specific routines. A tidying session is crucial, symbolising throwing away bad luck and creating extra space for wealth. Another tradition is to incorporate reddish items into your decor, be it decorations or lucky symbols.

Chinese New Year: Food

Food possesses a key role, with countless dumplings, fish, and other traditional dishes at the centre of any table. These culinary delights are the epitome of great luck and are essential to enjoying the holiday to its fullest.

Chinese New Year: Gifts

Red envelopes, or hongbao, are a custom all across China. These packages usually are filled with money or alternatives, but their overall purpose is to demonstrate your goodwill and strengthen relationships between people.

What is the Lantern Festival?

What is the Lantern Festival?

It is an enchanting event, characterised by vibrant lantern displays, parades, and opulent theatrical performances. It’s the ideal time for communities to appreciate unity while enjoying a cavalcade of illuminated lanterns.

When is the Lantern Festival Celebrated In 2024?

This holiday falls on February 5th every year, including 2024.

Chinese New Year Activities 2024 in London

Is Chinese New Year Celebrated in London?

Is Chinese New Year Celebrated in London?

London's festivities are scheduled typically for the Sunday closest to New Year's Day. Next year, it’s January 28th, 2024.

Where do London's Chinese New Year Celebrations Happen?

In London, this culturally loaded event traditionally happens in locations like Trafalgar Square and Chinatown. Although often crowded, these places still attract locals and tourists alike, particularly due to the unique feel and wonderful ambience.

 Chinese New Year Facts

  1. Millions of people travel across China for this holiday, sometimes even from one corner of the country to another, simply to reunite with their loved ones. This event is known as the most massive annual human migration.
  2. The story of the Chinese New Year is closely tied to a creature called the Nian monster. When ancient people revealed their fear of excessive noise and reddish items, they established a festival with firecrackers and red symbols.
  3. Cutting hair on New Year's Day itself is a terrible omen! In Mandarin, ‘hair’ and ‘wealth’ share the same pronunciation; so, by having your hair cut, you may be limiting your fortune.
  4. The Lantern Festival marks the first full moon of the year. The lanterns are often adorned with wishes and hopeful prayers, adding a touch of magic to the magical atmosphere.

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Dragon, the celebrations promise to be a time of joy, reflection, and cultural richness. Whether partaking in traditional customs, enjoying festive cuisine, or marvelling at the beauty of lantern displays, the Year of the Dragon invites us all to embrace the spirit of renewal and growth.


Which Zodiac is Luckiest in 2024?

The Dragon is certainly the luckiest in 2024, offering success and tremendous fortune.

What is the Color of the New Year 2024?

This year’s colour is green, representing abundant growth, harmony, and renewal.

How do I say Happy New Year in Chinese?

Most commonly, you will hear the phrase ‘Xin nian kuai le’, a formal greeting used for strangers. For close family, it’s conventional to say ‘xin nian hao’.

Is 2024 a Good Year to Have a Baby?

Yes, it might be an auspicious time for childbirth, possibly leading to a thriving family.

Is 2024 a Lucky Year for Rabbit?

It is expected that the Rabbit may face challenges this year, but with enough determination and resilience, positive outcomes are possible.

Who Can Gift Red Envelopes?

These presents are traditionally given by married individuals to younger, unmarried people and friends as a gesture of genuine blessings.

What is Chinese Lucky Money?

Chinese lucky money, or ‘hongbao,’ is typically presented in red-coloured envelopes and symbolises positive energy for the recipient.

Can You Shower on Chinese New Year?

While the taboo against showering on this day is fading, some still avoid showering or even cutting their hair.

Which Fruit Symbolises Good Luck During Chinese New Year?

Oranges and tangerines are such fruits, often gifted or simply displayed throughout the festival.

Who is the God of Wealth in the Lunar New Year?

Cai Shen is the deity worshipped during Chinese New Year as the god of wealth.
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