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20 March 64
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The unique feature of the Flowwow marketplace is simple: our customers leave honest reviews post-purchase. As of December 2022, our platform has accumulated over 2 million reviews. However, there are various resources where one can find feedback about the website flowwow.com and the company in general – not only from customers but also from sellers selling on the platform, couriers, and marketplace employees. Let’s discover more about where to find genuine reviews from Flowwow customers.

Flowwow Website: Reviews After Ordering as a Conversion Tool

Reviews After Ordering

According to research, up to 80% of internet users read product or seller reviews before making a purchase. Because of this, the Flowwow online service has paid considerable attention to user experience since its inception.

Our customers can rate their completed orders based on four parameters:

1. Accuracy: the customer certainly wants to receive the item exactly as shown in the catalogue. To avoid dissatisfaction, the seller must send a photo of the assembled order (e.g. bouquet or cake) to the customer before delivery begins.

2. Price-quality ratio: Upon receiving the item, the buyer evaluates how well it corresponds to the stated price.

3. Service: How convenient it was to place the order, whether it was enjoyable to interact with the employee of the respective shop, and so on.

4. Delivery: Whether the courier arrived on time or earlier than the specified time, whether they were polite, etc.

All ratings, supplemented by verbal reviews, can be found at https://flowwow.co.uk/ — "Reviews". On Flowwow, a negative review cannot be deleted, and the ratings are always free from any manipulation. All published reviews remain on the platform and are integrated into the shop’s rating.

Flowwow: Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Flowwow: Seller Reviews

Seller Reviews

Sellers do not leave service ratings on the Flowwow website specifically; their feedback can be found on specialised review resources. Among the positive aspects of the marketplace, sellers note the ability to quickly start online sales, a convenient additional sales channel, working under their own brand, setting prices, and participating or not participating in promotions. Among the disadvantages, there are mentions of the inability to delete a negative review, even if the customer wasn’t fair and difficulties in obtaining initial orders for beginners.

Flowwow: Courier Reviews

Courier Reviews

Our own courier team was established 3 years ago, and currently, it has over 500 couriers in 4 cities. There are only a few courier reviews about flower delivery on Flowwow online, but all are positive. The main advantages mentioned include decent pay, large order numbers, the absence of fines, and flexible schedules. The disadvantages noted by couriers are weekly payments and infrequent tips.

Flowwow: Employee Reviews

Employees rate the company highly. Remote work, flexible schedules, an enjoyable, friendly team, the opportunity to quickly establish contact with management, bonuses, and healthy relationships within the team are often cited as significant advantages.

Since Flowwow is a tech company, it puts a lot of value into its rating on Habr, where Flowwow has been blogging for over 5 years. As of 2020, the company's average rating was 4.8 out of 5.

Reviews of the flowwow.co.uk Website

Reviews of the Flowwow service, in general, can be found on well-known resources such as Trustpilot, Reviews.io, Google Play Store, and others. There, you can read reviews from customers, sellers, and couriers.


What is the Flowwow website?

It is an online marketplace for local sellers and brands. The company provides florists, confectioners, and other sellers with a convenient platform for accepting orders while attracting a quality audience to shops. Every day, the platform handles over 4,500 purchases. In the UK, Flowwow flower delivery reviews are located at https://flowwow.co.uk/london/

How to join Flowwow?

You can sell on Flowwow as an LLC, a sole trader, or a self-employed individual. The easiest way is to download the Flowwow app for sellers, quickly register, enter all necessary data, then upload products and wait for moderation (this may take up to 2 hours if all data has been filled correctly). Once the shop is approved, the seller can start receiving orders.

How to contact Flowwow?

Flowwow has a phone number but no call centre: to resolve any issues and get answers to any questions, you need to contact the support team via chat (available in both the app and the website, in the personal account). Response time on non-holiday days is up to 5 minutes.

What commission fee does Flowwow take?

Flowwow fee is only charged to sellers and only for completed orders. The fee rate ranges from 5% and depends on the region and product category.

How much does Flowwow delivery cost?

The courier delivery cost is automatically calculated if your order is delivered by a Flowwow courier. The calculation considers the distance from the shop to the recipient's address and the shop’s reputation among our couriers. Flowwow delivery reviews can help determine which shops have the best delivery prices. If the seller organises delivery themselves, they set the cost of the service. If the product is ordered from another city through different services, the delivery cost is calculated based on the service's current fees.

How does Flowwow delivery work?

Shops located in the UK set the cost of courier services and organise delivery themselves — either independently or with the help of any third-party service. In any case, the customer pays for the delivery.

How to cancel an order on Flowwow?

You can cancel it with one click until the courier starts delivering the order in the personal account on the website or in the app. If you want to cancel the order after the courier has left the shop, you need to contact the support team. This can be done in the personal account on the website or in the app, too.
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