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2024 Color of the Year: Lucky Colors in the Year of the Dragon

20 December 186225
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Lucky Color 2024

Soon, the whole world will be welcoming 2024, the Year of the Dragon. What color will become the talisman for all of us in the next 12 months? What shades should we decorate the Christmas tree in? How to dress and what color to choose to ensure that luck does not turn away, and the worst things pass by? Let's discuss the fashionable and symbolically correct colors for the year to come.

Lucky Color 2024 Based on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar

In the much-anticipated Year of the Green Wooden Dragon, the traditional calendar from the country of the Red Dragon invites us to immerse ourselves in the lush and vibrant energy of green – the designated auspicious color for 2024. Representation of peace, balance, and maturity, this shade aligns perfectly with the wooden nature of this Dragon year. Whether it's the deep emerald tones or lighter green shades, reminiscent of flourishing foliage, incorporating this color into your life can usher in positive vibes and prosperity.

Lucky Colors in the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

Lucky Colors

Emerald Green

Of course, the top color of the Guardian of the Year opens the hit parade! It suits brunettes and red-haired people, complemented by bright makeup or clothing. If emerald seems too cold, you can easily find warmer and cosier shades on the color palette: wearing them is also beneficial.


For those who love all things gold, this is your chance! Adorn yourself with everything that sparkles and shimmers: the more sparkling accessories you wear, the more abundant the year will be.


In China, the Spring Festival is always celebrated in red – a passionate, sensual, and somewhat animalistic color. Women especially strictly adhere to this rule: crimson and golden are the traditional shades of their New Year celebration.


Most people in Europe will agree that wearing black on New Year's brings misfortune and grief. But in China, this is the color of wealth, purity, and respect. So there's nothing wrong with welcoming the Dragon in your favourite black dress or silk suit. If the look seems too dark, add a green scarf or a red flower to your hair.

Lucky Colors to Wear in 2024

Lucky Colors to Wear in 2024

The vibrant red, symbolising passion and prosperity, is advantageous for our lives in 2024, offering energy and financial well-being. The calming blue, associated with serenity, offers a soothing embrace, promising a year of tranquillity and balance. Meanwhile, the regal purple, a hue linked to wisdom and intuition, invites us to navigate the unfolding chapters of 2024 with a discerning and insightful perspective. Embracing these three fortunate colors becomes a tangible way to invite positive energies into our daily lives.

New Year Nails — 2024

New Year Nails 2024

A truly draconic trend is sharp triangular nails. The multicolored decor is optional; the key feature is shine and radiance. If you prefer a calmer, rounded shape, you can enhance the impression with small green stones at the base of the nail. Two-tone nail design has become a bit tiresome in recent years, so it's suggested to either go for monochrome or do each nail in its individual shade.

New Year Makeup – 2024

New Years Makeup 2024

According to the horoscope, a Dragon woman knows how to present herself well. Her main trump card is self-care, so it's worth considering not only decorative cosmetics but also skin health. If you want to impress everyone, you can go for gold glitter and metallic-colored eyeshadows. The boldest ones can apply makeup resembling dragon scales.

Home Décor 2024

To make the space look stylish, try a unified palette for the Christmas tree and all other decorations. If you're not superstitious, consider decorating the room in peach tones. If you want to please the Dragon, it's better to welcome him into a home decorated abundantly with shades of green. Avoid candles: wooden signs fear open flames.

Unlucky Colors 2024 in the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

It's advisable to hide clothing of brown, grey, and white colors deep in the closet and, on New Year's Eve, avoid anything yellow at all costs: wooden signs cannot tolerate fire, so the sparkle of gold is acceptable, but vivid yellow and orange shades are undesirable.

Lucky Colors for 12 Zodiac Signs of the year 2024

Aries: You're in luck! Your color is red, fully approved by the mighty lizard.

Taurus: Dress in sky-blue and deep cobalt shades, regardless of the year’s patron’s preferences.

Gemini: The upcoming months promise to be challenging, perhaps because your color is yellow, and wooden signs dislike it.

Cancer: White and silver favour you. Undesirable for New Year's Eve, but beautiful and reflects impeccable taste.

Leo: Fortunately, your talisman is the golden color, very beloved by the Dragon.

Virgo: Dress confidently and choose your talisman color – green.

Libra: Embrace the serenity of azure blue, channelling calmness and harmony.

Scorpio: Your colors are violet and lilac. The emblem of the year is not thrilled with such a choice.

Sagittarius: Your talisman is purple or pink. Overall, a pleasant color for the Dragon.

Capricorn: If you want to attract luck, do not wear noble brown. The farther from the ground, the more certain the luck.

Aquarius: Choose coral. A juicy, joyful color, very close to the fashionable Pantone color of 2024.

Pisces: Olive or swampy color will bring you luck.


Which zodiac is the luckiest in 2024?

Esoterics claim that in love, Cancers will have the most luck, while in finances, it's Taurus and Pisces. But in general, the patron of 2024 favours those who are capable of hard work and are not afraid to be generous towards others.

What is the Feng Shui in 2024?

According to Feng Shui insights, the dominant element is Wood. This suggests a focus on independence, harmony, and natural balance. To enhance positive energy in your living space, consider incorporating wooden elements, lush greenery, and symbols of prosperity.

Is 2024 a lucky year?

In Chinese astrology, 2024 is considered an auspicious year, particularly as its emblem is that of strength, good fortune, and wealth. However, individual luck is influenced by various factors, including one's zodiac sign and personal choices.

How do I know my lucky color?

Determining your lucky color involves referencing your Chinese zodiac sign. As each sign is given a specific color, using this shade the most in your daily life is believed to bring good fortune. For example, Aries is suggested to turn to red, Taurus to blue, and so on.

Is 2024 a good year to have a baby?

In Chinese culture, the Year of the Dragon, including 2024, is traditionally seen as an auspicious time to have a baby, as the Dragon is associated with strength, vitality, and good fortune.
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