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Chrysanthemum meaning and symbolism

29 December 3121
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Chrysanthemum meaning and symbolism

With their incredible spiky blooms and rich history, chrysanthemums are not just plants; they are known to carry a certain symbolism that multiplies their significance almost anywhere in the world. These vibrant blooms are celebrated for their diverse palettes and intricate petal arrangements, and they have certainly become a canvas for expressing various sentiments. Join us as we journey through the fascinating world of chrysanthemum flowers’ meanings, where each blossom unfolds a unique story.

What is the meaning of the chrysanthemum flower?

Often referred to as ‘mums,’ these blooms have several cultural meanings, which vary in different corners of the world. In general, they symbolise a prosperous life, positive growth, joy, and unwavering optimism. 

The history of chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are well-known for their rich past, which dates back to ancient China. Here, people cultivated mums for countless medicinal uses. Over time, they were integrated into Japan, evolving into a symbol of nobility and being awarded a special place on the emblem of the Japanese Imperial family. Following that, it was relatively easy for them to journey to Europe in the 17th century, becoming a favourite flower of botanists and artists alike.

Chinese chrysanthemum symbolism

Here, these flowers depict the essence of autumn and serve as a representation of royalty, human virtue, and blessed longevity. They are also often connected to Taoist philosophy, advocating for balance and harmony in nature.

Chrysanthemum meanings in different countries

When it comes to Japan, the chrysanthemum flower’s meaning is ‘royal’: it’s the national flower that symbolises the sun due to its shape. In Korea, this bloom has a different, yet still positive significance: it stands for simplicity and modesty. In the United States, mums are seen as tokens of joy and positivity, frequently incorporated into autumnal floral arrangements.

The symbolism of chrysanthemum colours

The symbolism of chrysanthemum colours


White chrysanthemums express crystal purity and honesty, so it’s not surprising that they are most commonly chosen for weddings and christenings.


Pink chrysanthemums demonstrate a person’s adoration, fascination, and warm feelings, making them an ideal fit for expressing affection.


Yellow chrysanthemums signify strong friendship bonds and happiness, experienced together; they will become a pleasant surprise for close friends.


Perfectly representing unrelenting love and deep passion, red chrysanthemums will wonderfully suit a bold expression of romantic feelings.


Conveying energy and enthusiasm, orange chrysanthemums can often be seen during celebratory occasions because of their enchanting vigour.


Purple chrysanthemums serve as symbols of stunning royalty and luxury; any special event is bound to become better with these blossoms.


Although rare, blue chrysanthemums are quite sought-after due to their symbolism of mystery and the unique look of the unattainable.


Green chrysanthemums symbolise virtuous life and growth, making them a symbolic gift for anyone looking forward to new beginnings.

Types of chrysanthemum

Available in various types, these blooms have many shapes, bound to satisfy anyone looking for unique charm and beauty:

Types of chrysanthemum
  1. The classic spherical pompoms are known for their compact, globe-like blooms
  2. Spiders, with elongated and spiky petals, create an intriguing and dynamic visual appeal
 Chrysanthemum types<br>
  1. Spoon varieties showcase petals that curl at the tips, resembling elegant spoons
  2. Decorative types flaunt large, flat petals with various textures, adding a touch of opulence to bouquets and gardens

When to give chrysanthemum flowers

When to give chrysanthemum flowers


Bright and cheerful bouquets featuring a mix of colourful chrysanthemums make for a perfect birthday gift, symbolising joy and celebration.

Holiday celebrations

Incorporate red and green chrysanthemums into holiday arrangements to add a festive touch to your celebrations.


Express enduring love and fidelity with a bouquet of white chrysanthemums, symbolising purity and longevity.

Sympathy and funerals

Lend comfort and solace with subdued bouquets of white or lavender chrysanthemums, expressing sympathy and remembrance.

Get well gift

When it’s time to bring some positive energy to someone in recovery, nothing is better than a joy-infusing bouquet of yellow mums.

Facts about chrysanthemums

  1. Featured on the imperial seal and emblem, these flowers are the reason why the imperial family is referred to as the ‘Chrysanthemum Throne’ or the ‘Chrysanthemum Household.’
  2. Chrysanthemums come in a remarkable array of shapes and sizes. With more than 40 species and numerous cultivated varieties, these flowers showcase diverse forms, including pompoms, spiders, spoons, and more.
  3. Traditional Chinese medicine views chrysanthemums as a herb with cooling properties, especially beneficial for reducing inflammation. Moreover, their petals are edible, adding a unique and mild, slightly bitter flavour to culinary creations.

Chrysanthemum care: How to make your flowers last

To ensure the longevity of your chrysanthemum composition, store it in a well-ventilated room, but keep it shielded from excessive sunlight. Additionally, make sure to refresh the water in the vase every few days to maintain freshness and regularly remove faded blooms. Don’t forget to use flower foods – these mixtures are ideal for extending the lives of your bouquets for up to 3 weeks!

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What do chrysanthemums symbolise in the UK?

Contrary to popular opinion, these blooms do not only carry the symbolism of mourning flowers: they also display joy, vigour, and wishes for a long, joy-filled life.

What is the spiritual meaning of chrysanthemums?

Spiritually, mums are a link between the divine and the natural worlds; this is why they are utilised to enhance meditation and promote reflection.

What is the meaning of chrysanthemums at a wedding?

During such ceremonies, chrysanthemums serve as top-notch emblems of lasting purity, fidelity, and hope for a prosperous and harmonious marriage.

What birthday flowers are chrysanthemums?

Chrysanthemums are known as the birth flowers of people born in November.

Are chrysanthemums good for your house?

Certainly, these flowers are highly beneficial not only in an aesthetic sense but also in a natural one: they help purify the air and improve the quality of life.

What is the lifespan of a chrysanthemum?

With proper care, it can last anywhere from one to three weeks, providing enduring beauty.

What does chrysanthemum mean in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, mums help bring happiness and laughter into the home, ideal for keeping in the living or dining rooms where the family often spends time together.
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